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MEDA November Meeting

It has been six months since we had a chance to do some real planning and discuss the goals and principles we want to promote for the GOTF and to plan our campaign. Now that the GOTF proceeding is starting, it seems time for another in depth planning meeting like the one we had in March.

In place of our regular November meeting, we propose like to firm up our plans for MEDA and the GOTF proceeding.

Topics that planned to be discussed will include:
o MEDA’s GOTF principles and what we mean by energy democracy

o The Public Service Commission proceedings

o A roll-out event to reveal to the public the MEDA Network

o Some formal decision-making procedures that would be helpful, for instance when MEDA publishes literature such as a sign-on letter and infographic material.

Please send your suggestions for the agenda by Wednesday, November 9 to [email protected]

The meeting will be on Tuesday, November 15th at the Annapolis Friends Meeting (351 Dubois Rd, Annapolis, Maryland 21401) from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

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