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Marylanders for Energy Democracy and Affordability (MEDA) is a diverse network of residents and public interest organizations who work to create a fair, equitable, and democratic transition to a clean, reliable, and affordable energy economy.

The term “Energy Democracy” implies choice and the opportunity for community participation. This means that information and education for utility companies, for regulators, and for consumers especially, must be transparent  and accessible.

Access to choice and a say in decision-making provides our communities with more control and flexibility. And this empowers us to share in the economic benefits of distributed energy generation.

Today’s electric utilities are designed for an era that was reliant on fossil fuels and centralized distribution. Many elements of the current electrical grid are expensive and increasingly vulnerable to disruptive outages.

Fortunately, there are ways to shape the grid’s evolving infrastructure so it brings cost savings and support for a more renewable, competitive, and customer-friendly system that’s open to everyone.

Such a system has the promise to make energy affordable for everyone. And it will keep jobs and economic growth in our communities, protect our climate, give consumers greater control over their energy, increase energy security and reliability, and shift from a centralized to a local and distributed energy environment.

MEDA works to bring communities throughout the state together to advance this vision through public education and advocacy.

Lyn Taylor, Coordinator
[email protected]

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MEDA Marylanders for Energy Democracy and Affordability

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